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Below, you’ll find links to online reviews written by patients just like you talking honestly about Holistic Dentistry of New Jersey. As you’ll quickly notice, pretty much everyone who comes to see us couldn’t be happier with the care and service they always receive. We’re truly able to accomplish more by doing less! After reading as many as you like, be sure to schedule an appointment so you can come experience the benefits of holistic dentistry for yourself!

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Letters From Our Patients

Life is too short to spend agonizing over dental treatment. For so long, that is what I did and it prevented me from getting treatment. This year, I am being good to myself because I deserve it! I did my homework, read the testimonials, and made that fateful contact with the staff of Dr. Silver, and I am now well on my way to a happy mouth. I have heard people refer to the relationship they have with their doctors as just that - a relationship. This has been a partnership with a plan from the day I walked in the office. The professional and happy staff is refreshing to see each visit. Yes, yes, yes – there really is pain-free dentistry! And like the other testimonials say, my needs has gone from relaxation to gas with Novocain. I never feel the pinch!

So thank you, Dr. Silver, for a safe place that calmed my fears, for the music list I am envious of, and for a brilliant staff who reinforces my treatment with interest.

The best compliment is that I now enjoy smiling and do it often!

Pat Sicardi Midtown

Dr. Silver,
As my next appointment approaches, I wanted to thank you and your team for the terrific and confidence-inspiring care you've given me this year. When I first came to see you, I was extremely anxious about having dental work done, having had less-than-pleasant experiences with my previous dentist. We sat down and discussed my concerns and came up with a plan that allayed my fears. For my initial work, I elected to have Relaxation Dentistry performed. This was painless and easy, and it was a real confidence builder. In fact, for subsequent visits, I had just Novocain, and most recently, just a little numbing gel. The fact that you are a very gentle and precise doctor, combined with your taking time to explain each step in my visits, has greatly reduced my dental-related anxiety. I'm happy to be back on track with a regular dental program, and I want to thank you for making it so easy.

David Gleason Greenwich Village

It isn't often that I come across a dentist who can make even the most routine dental exam and clean-up seem like a theme park ride. If I have to subject myself to one of life's more agonizing or terrifying experiences such as a dental visit, what better way than to sit in Dr. Silver's office?

Before he starts, you will have filled out a four-page questionnaire that attempts to capture your psychological profile, at least insofar as your teeth are concerned. He impressed me by the level of information he tries to extract from you. (Is it safe? Absolutely!) But the paranoiacs need not worry. He walks you through each process with such a detailed explanation that you're never in the dark (except when he hands you a pair of dark glasses to shield your eyes from the light). You may marvel at his digital toys, which, I'm happy to say, should win over any gadget-freak. It helps that you're listening to good music throughout the visit.

All in all, as dental visits go--and I've gone to many other dentists in different parts of the country in my lifetime – I thought Dr. Silver's thorough yet relatively pain-less approach greatly contributed to a fun experience, at least so far.

V. Tenorio Soho

World's Absolute Best Dentist!

Well, okay, I suppose my enthusiasm's gotten the better of me, but did you ever hear of anyone being thrilled with their dentist? I've got a lot of mileage on this plush acreage and have spent more time in dentists' chairs than I care to remember (I won't spook you with depictions of the torture I often endured), so I have plenty of experience with which to compare my recent round of dental deliverance.

Therefore, it is with great joy that I report to you about the best dentist in...well, okay...New York. If you don't live near enough to his office, I pity you. Peter J. Silver, DDS, has made it possible for me to no longer dread and put off going to the dentist. He and his staff are not only friendly and comforting, they are extremely professional. Dr. Silver's office is located in a magnificent brownstone in the exciting, eclectic Washington Square area of NYC (right in the heart of the NYU campus).

Far more importantly, he loves his electronic toys and has the most amazing, up-to-the-minute state-of-the-art equipment. Constantly attending seminars and conferences, he keeps himself well-educated about the latest dental technology. Among other things, I was bowled over that his X-rays are so easy to accomplish and nearly radiation-free. While others had told me I'd need root canal or an extraction, Dr. S.'s digital X-rays proved otherwise, and thanks to him, I saved a perfectly viable tooth.

He somehow managed to put me totally at ease and calmly explained everything what he was going to do to my mouth step by step. He even frequently reminded me to breathe, as my years of dental torment had me gripping the chair's arms and subconsciously holding my breath in preparation for the onslaught that, in this case, never came. Twenty years of extensive training and experience have, indeed, honed Dr. Silver's skills and chairside manner into the best I've ever encountered. He is meticulous and caring and will be adding an armless, heavy-duty larger chair to his waiting room so that those of us who need it can be comfortable. Even the dreaded anesthesia needle was practically pain-free, a feat that amazed me.

Billed as the "Jazz Dentist" who actually plays the trumpet and has his own Big Band, jazz lovers will enjoy the added bonus of calming jazz music wafting in the background and photos of jazz greats scattered throughout his office. You might even run into one of them, as they are mere mortals (sorry, but it's true!), that need to maintain their dental health, and who better to turn to than Peter?

I left Dr. Silver's office with a huge smile on my face, which has never happened before and was the highest praise I could give, according to my boyfriend, who's witnessed many of the dental horrors I've had to endure in the past

And yes, I can actually write my usual closing "enjoy!" Dr. Silver did a lot of work on me in just a few visits, and I'll definitely be depending on him for his full range of services in the future.

LFB Hoboken

I've always hated my upper front teeth. When the time came to do something about them, my dentist at the time said I would need two root canals and would have to spend many hours over several months having the work done. When I came to Dr. Silver, he explained that he could fix my teeth in three visits - and do it painlessly! I am delighted with the results. It's great to finally be happy with my smile. When a friend I hadn't seen for a while complimented me on my new glasses (which weren't new), at first I was upset that she hadn't noticed what was really new - my front teeth. I then realized that this was the best possible compliment - they looked completely natural!

Roger Oliver Lenox Hill

Friends and family,
I know how hard it is to find a good dentist, so I want to share my good fortune with you. If you are looking for a dentist and/or are not entirely satisfied with the one you have, I'd like to strongly recommend my dentist of the past 15 years, Peter Silver. Some of you may have met Peter at one of our parties (including my 50th and 60th birthdays), as he's become a friend over the years.

Some 15 years ago, when I was looking for a dentist more convenient to my work (at Scholastic), I happened upon an ad for The Jazz Dentist in the WBGO newsletter. After one visit, I was sold on this caring, careful, thorough dentist and all-around funny, interesting, multi-talented guy (he plays a mean jazz trumpet professionally). I experienced immediate improvement in my dental health and over the past 15 years, that dental health has steadily improved. My teeth, gums, and jaw are far healthier than they were when I started seeing him, despite the fact that I had had excellent dental care since age 18 (in 1961).

I especially appreciate Peter's dedication to making all visits, including cleanings (which he does himself) completely painless and comfortable. I have never known a medical professional who keeps as up-to-date as Peter. He is constantly learning new techniques and testing new technologies in his unending quest to provide his patients with the most thorough and painless treatments possible.

Peter Kelman Upper East Side

For years, I had great apprehension about getting dental work done, even a cleaning, due to the number of unfortunate situations I experienced over time. Then one day, I let my husband convince me to consider his dentist, Dr. Silver, who he talked about favorably, often telling me that he had nothing but good experiences with him. Thus, I tried once more to switch dentists per my husband's glowing recommendation, and I am so glad I have done so. I kick myself now for waiting so long to find a doctor that truly knows about patient care and, of course, dentistry. Dr. Silver and his practice often stay on the cusp of new and emerging technologies, which contribute even further to their high quality of care. Dr. Silver and his staff are extremely friendly and professional and great at what they do. They treat each patient's wishes and needs individually. I have had nothing but good experiences since becoming a patient of Dr. Silver and his team. They take incredibly great care of me and I am most impressed by their commitment to my care. Because there aren't enough times for me to say thank you to Dr. Silver and his team, I write this personal testimony to encourage you to consider him and his team as your dental partner, as they make coming to the dentist a pleasant, easy, and calming experience.

Caren B. Long Island

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